Ayunan Langit

Ayunan Langit Adventure

Ayunan is swing….and langit is sky location is in Kulonprogo about 1hours from YOGYAKARTA by car without traffict, the local people this village  to make new adventure spot with beautifull landscape thats suport by Hyatt management , with low price for entrance every body can take time for enjoy the landscape sky Adventure .fun not must be expensive to make every one can enjoy holliday during stay in Yogyakarta, the rice padi field around the way Will wellcoming you and refreshing your eyes, feelling. With your friends ,girl friend or boy friend  it will be make your holliday Perfect in Yogyakarta with Sky Swing….so make sure that you Will visiting Yogyakarta and let me doing my Best to serve You for your holliday…aee you soon in YOGYAKARTA….