Pine Forest Imogiri Yogyakarta

  1. Pine Forest is the other side of the new beauty of tourism in Yogyakarta. Tourists are not only able to visit the temple, palace , but also able to visit one of the famous forests in Yogyakarta,the name Imogiri Pine Forests.
  2. This beautiful forest is located in the area Imogiri, Yogyakarta. This Imogiri Pine Forests are used as a place to unwind and also photo hunt. You can also be used as a photo or even pre wed shoot.Pine forest Imogiri can be reached by road Jogja-Imogiri journey takes about 1 hour. , we will pass the Imogiri Dlingo winding and slightly uphill. But this is one of the fun, because in addition to a challenging journey, we can enjoy cool air.Visit this place and you will enjoy another romantic side of Yogyakarta.