Dieng Plateau

Colour Lake Dieng Wonosobo

The beautiful lake in wonosobo is Telaga Warna in Dieng area,we can go by the main gate or feom the behind of Dieng theater,

There is Batu ratapan angin on the hills, we can hike for 300-500m to the top and we can see the beautiful lake of Dieng…

Arjuna Kompleks,

In Dieng area we can also visiting Arjuna temple complex all of them are Hindustan temples,

The way to Dieng Plateau..

On the way to Dieng plateau we can see the beautiful landscapes with potato plants, carrots and tea plantations as well , green and Misty…

It was so beautiful view…

After we visited Colour lake and Arjuna Temple complex we can also visiting Sikidang crater…

One of aktive crater with sulfur smelled but you can buy masker for thats.

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See you in my trip… Goodluck.

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