Merapi Lava Tour by Jeep

Taking an off road jeep on a Merapi Lava tour is one of the most fun things to do in Yogyakarta. The tour is easy to arrange.
Nourmal we have to come in the morning, for clear panorama of merapi, or you can do sunrise by jeep
With 450.000 IDR / jeep you can enjoy the tour with lokal Driver with good experience and knowledge ,friendly.
From Jogja city, will take 1 hours for nourmally traffic….
so.., come and enjoy your tour adventure with us….by

Merapi volcano was erupted on 25 October, lava from its southern and southeastern slopes The eruption brought milions cubic of hot stone and sand. The closest village crashed by hot materials and pyroclastic flow. Today, these place use as tourism destination. Yes, we called it Lava tour.

in Merapi there is save place for the people to hidden from the lava or hot gas or materials  volcanic from that Merapi volcano .

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