Jomblang Cave

Jomblang cave is a vertical cave with dense ancient forest below. A 300 meter alley with its beautiful natural ornament  …
We take about 2 hours drive from jogja….
And nourmally we have to start from your hotel in Jogja area in 07:00 am…
Jomblang Cave Adventure is an amazing tour caving activity into the vertical cave to see heavenly light coming in through the hole on …
So when is your turn ? come and enjoy it…


You should trying rappelling to the cave. This “crazy & dangerous” rappelling is very deep vertical cliff, about 30 meter to the bottom of the cave. So you should try to make new experience in Yogyakarta..


You can see also two different vegetation between the land above it and the bottom of the cave of Jomblang.
Very interesting, you feel like live in the jungle thousand years ago when you reach bottom of the cave. Can you imagine? Amazing ……

The Light from from Heaven#

When you are inside The e cave You can see the most beautiful light inside the cave,we call The Heaven Light.
The most wanted thing by all the people who visit this cave.and
The best time to see Heaven Light at 11.30 am – 12.30 pm.


You visiting exotic place with nice view very Quiet and peaceful Anda You can imagine it.
You also can hear the sound of the flow water, birds and the sound of echo, it was very nice.
Not much water in the surface, but so many water inside the cave.
Trust me.


If you like adventure you might love this place.
You need climb down the cave by rappelling, then doing caving.
You need a lot of energy, courage and concentration to climb down this cave.

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  1. Tgl 4 Sampai 8 July 18 . Saya dan Istri mau je Jogja
    1. Jemput Bandara to Hotel Ibis ( PP )
    2. Jln2 disekitar Jogja
    3. Brp Harga package 04 / 07 July 2018
    4. Bisa Beri kemana package selama 5 Hari

  2. Hi, our flight reach Yogyakarta on 6th February 2019 at 4.55pm. So, my plan is as below…

    6.2.2019: Airport take your car to Dieng Plateau, then check in hotel

    7.2.2019: 4am sunrise trip to Bukit Sikunir -> Telaga Warna -> Kawah Sikidang -> Candi Ajurna Complex -> Check in at hotel near to Borobudur

    8.2.2019: Visit Borobudur -> Gereja Ayam -> Mount Merapi trip -> Check in hotel at Yogyakarta city

    9.2.2019: Travel to Timang Beach (Gondola ride) -> Puncak Becici -> Pinus Pengger -> Back to Yogyakarta city

    We have 3 people in total, we dont have big luggages, maybe just small backpacks, so we do not need big cars. Above are some of the places we want to go, you can suggest a better itinerary with more fun places. And let me know how much is the whole trip.

    Thank you very much

    1. Hi thank you for your emails, may we chat by WhatsApp +628122993424 for faster response…
      My prices for that itinerary will talk by WhatsApp…
      Thank You

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