Borobudur Temple

Borobudur temple is built of many layers of Buddhist theory.From a birds eye view,the Temple is in the shape of a traditional Buddhist mandala.A mandala is central to great deal of Buddhist and Hindu art. Basic from Hindu and Buddhist is  square four entry points. Circular centre point.working feom the exterior and interior three zone of consciousness are represented.

Acording to this Buddhist cosmology, universe is divided in to three major zones.

# The firt section call ” Kamadhatu” wich describes the human lives wich have able to control desires which is described by the fondation section.

# The second section called “Rupadhatu” which describes human lives which have able to control desires yet still bound by forms

# The third section called ” Arupadhatu” which describes nirwana and sunyata world, describes by 3 terraces in form of circles.

Borobudur temple was Left to the ravages of nature in between the 12th to 14th Century when the power of Java shifted to east of the island.The reason for this shift is unknown,but is often speculated that there was a volcanic eruption and people moved away from it.

In 1815 Raffles commissioned  an initial clean up ,where 200 labourer spent 45 days felling trees and moving earth from the remains. Many areas of the beautiful Temple were sagging.

In 1907 a large scale restore was carried out under Dutchman Van Erp that finished in 1911. Work was significant and definitely safeguarded Temple for some time. However, many pieces were not put back in the original position during the restoration.

In 1956 another assessment of the beautiful Temple was made by Belgian expert who was sent by UNESCO.His assessment concluded that water damage was significant ,and would need to be stemmed if the beautiful Temple was eroding,the fondation were being weakened and also the reliefs were being eroded.


Batik at Traditional Market

Bringharjo Market is the place for local people to buy Batik anf other , the location is in Malioboro street,but dont go to this market on pubilc local holliday because will be many people, hot …but uou can also enjoy the MALIOBORO walking distance…..

Ayunan Langit

Ayunan Langit Adventure

Ayunan is swing….and langit is sky location is in Kulonprogo about 1hours from YOGYAKARTA by car without traffict, the local people this village  to make new adventure spot with beautifull landscape thats suport by Hyatt management , with low price for entrance every body can take time for enjoy the landscape sky Adventure .fun not must be expensive to make every one can enjoy holliday during stay in Yogyakarta, the rice padi field around the way Will wellcoming you and refreshing your eyes, feelling. With your friends ,girl friend or boy friend  it will be make your holliday Perfect in Yogyakarta with Sky Swing….so make sure that you Will visiting Yogyakarta and let me doing my Best to serve You for your holliday…aee you soon in YOGYAKARTA….

Rawa Jombor Sunrise

Rawa Jombor  is very exotic place to see Sunrise on your holliday in YOGYAKARTA only 1 hours drive from Yogyakarta and you will reach Rawa Jombor. At noon this place also there is restaurant special for fresh fish and local food. the place was good for familly and comunity gathering…Rawa Jombor is the alternative place where you can enjoy landscape with traditional village. actually this place still natural because is not many foreign know about this place for, you can come and enjoy the atsmosfere here….

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Water Palace

Taman Sari is one of the historical buildings of Sultan palace Yogyakarta..

Tamansari means ” A Beautiful Garden ” built by Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono 1 in the year of 1684 Javanese year ( 1758 )

Tamansari is a recreation and a Royal bathing place and also retreat place for Sultan of Yogyakarta and family. It has becom the symbol of The Glory of Mataram King. Tamansari which is known as water castle has the value of architecture and uniqueness of the slope of the historical buildings and the filled water pool. This water castle was surronded with Segaran or an artificial lake where artificial island covered the fragrance of flowers lay in the middle . Itvis located about 500m in the Southwest of Keraton.

Under Ground Mosque

Timang Beach

Timang Beach is one of the exotic beach in Gunungkidul area. There are many beach around Gunung Kidul and Timang is one of the beach with beautifull local Adventure. Gondola is one of the Adventure atraction in this beach. But now there is another new bridge Adventure with entrance is 100.000.IDR

In this area , you can enjoy the fresh Lobster..IDR 550.000 for 1kg. You can share with 4 person. We will take you and make you have fun in Timang Beach and enjoy Lobster.